Opportunity knocks.

Because we are confident in our ability to understand and execute strategic goals, we are proud to have you peruse our SITE. What fuels our passion – the opportunity and possibility to discuss your Marketing and/or Advertising, wants & desires. Then – break it down into bite sized pieces with related objectives & strategies needed to stimulate your success. Your vision is NOW our challenge. Our goal – to see you – see your vision.

Passion paves the way.

We’re passionate about well-built Marketing – with customized strategies to resolve. Why Marketing? Because it’s vital to the way business gets done today. Whether it’s New Media, Old MEdia, PR or Web – each area reinforces all aspects of your Brand. At MARKETING Elephant what we do is meet or exceed your needs to build or protect your Brand’s market position.

A Brand is the promise of an experience … Anything you do – either enhances your Brand or erodes THAT Brand. ME is here to help enhance.

Overcoming challenges to see success.

Branding means BUSINESS. Our Brand, our business is to help you CREATE BUSINESS for yourself. ME strategically designs to solve business challenges. What we do – facilitates business. ME helps build stronger bonds between customers, associates & stakeholders. ME LISTENS. We then determine objectives & suggest strategy leading to solutions.

When all is said and done, our success is judged in direct proportion to your achievements.

WELCOME TO Marketing Elephant

  • We refuse to do things by the book. Why? Well, basically we were/are “rule breakers” to your advantage and ours – We do marketing – designed to solve business problems – not to win awards. As far as we know, there are no books on how to do that.
  • Marketing strengthens your Brand. We know that. So, ME intends to know your business – How it moves, reacts & adapts to this changing economy that we call TODAY
  • We envision, capture & generate solutions providing – a clear competitive advantage in your market or industry – to secure your unfair share.
  • Expect service, quality & integrity in all we provide and present. Don’t expect “YES MEN”.
  • ME wants you as proud of our work as we are to present it to you.
  • ME fuels our fervor by finding marketing solutions to fuel your future. “It’s lonely at the top but what a view!” ME takes you there or helps protect your current position.