About our name.

The Elephant is not only biggest animal in the animal kingdom, they are intelligent, creative, compassionate, mate for life. Elephants love water are great swimmers. When they jump in they make a big splash. In addition, Elephants great memories never forgetting a face.

Legend has it, in 1969 John Lennon observed everything becoming – INSTANT! From coffee to juice, from breakfast to dinner; AS ADVERTISED was now INSTANT. Lennon instantly thought, “if only I could bottle or can Karma to make THAT instant as well, I’d have it made” … With that in mind, he composed a hit, INSTANT KARMA, instead.

Ancient philosophy claims yin & yang are small but vital complementary opposites creating KARMA – the greater whole. New Media, Old Media + Everything IN between all that is marketing, has yin & yang. They INteract & INtertwine but never exist in absolute, until now.

INSTANT is all about cause to effect. Any action taken in business either enhances or erodes the future effects of that business. Thus, every business requires INFUSIONs of money to manpower as well as marketing to grow or protect a position. Welcome to Instant Infusion.

Two of us become one. Yellow to be altered

So, Instant Karma Marketing combines with Infusion Marketing to create INSTANT INFUSION MARKETING, BRAND de FORCE. While most agencies tend to pitch – they think out of the box – at INSTANT INFUSION, we don’t even own a box – to think in. We prefer to unearth the hidden, uncover the unknown – THEN – create the never before heard or seen marketing to grow OR protect a Brand’s market position. We say “tell us something we don’t know about your business” – because that’s what draws attention or awareness. We instantly INfuse the unknown into your marketing to build business awareness.

About our logo & Image

Radio is the common thread running through all that is INSTANT INFUSION. Everyone here has a connection to each other through radio careers in Milwaukee & Bowling Green. We could have chosen any one of a million different fonts for our logo/image BUT… due to our backgrounds there is only one that represents. Radio Stars is our Font.
Why the Yin & Yang? They’re often described, as sunshine upon a fixed object. While the sun lights up one side, the other side sees shade. Yin is tranquil, dark in contrast to Yang, which is focused light. As the sun moves across the sky, Yin & Yang gradually trade places, revealing – what was once blocked, now is seen. That’s why you see shadows on our image. As for our FLAMING YIN YANG that dots our “I”? Well let’s just say it got too close to the sun or a Radio Star… And so, our work shines on.
Our name? Call it ancient INfused. Call it Instant Karma but just call us. We’ll tell your story.